Poem -

The Chemistry's Female

 The Chemistry's Female

You are the chemistry's female
the apple of the smiled moon
you are the mole of the light
crucified on the cheek of noon

The words can not describe you
its helpless in front of your beauty
the poetry escapes to your eyes
and rhymes perform their duty

You are the chemistry's female
the female of all pure things
you make blood like the eagle
and the sea waves like wings

You are the chemistry's female
all the alphabet from A to Z
you are the inhale, the exhale
the beginning and the end

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Hello Ebrahim...

Though I'm not one who worships the Sun and the Moon for they both are there for light and life...

Beautiful pic and Amazing write!

Thank you for sharing...



Ebrahim Alkadi

Hey Sparrow Song,

Me too of course , i'm a Muslim Alhamdu le Allah and i worship only Allah the Almighty....

This poem talking about the unseen beauty of the Female.....

Moon and sun and all other elements are created by Allah the Almighty who is the only one deserve to be worship and nothing else.

Thank you very much.