Poem -


Such rebel moon to tarry so
Way beyond your time to go
Clinging onto this days light
Displaced beauty of the night

Hanging there in pale blue sky
Clinging on with regal right
Not one to leave without a fight
So special and so rare a sight

And what secrets would you have us know
As brother sun sets out to glow
With daylight really not your time
And strangely, it is neither mine

Do you seek to find some magic way
To lounge within the light of day
To have your beauty known to all
Which oft is lost to nights dark cawl

For I view you there as bold as brass
On certain days in autumns blast
A rebel orb as white as snow
Casting down a sorrowed glow

The queen of night held dear in awe
A beacon gripped in earth's grim paw

A lonely sight as ever seen
And I wonder if I hear you keen

But then I hear small children sigh
See raptured stares from windows high
Wide wondrous eyes to brightening skies
A children's moon for them to spy.
And I smile...
Marion Price(2019)

For Holly and Ben
....( some treasures are worth waiting for...)


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Icarus Flocke

another amazing feat of beautiful lyricism my friend.
you have a great knack for building strong imagery
with your words that grows stronger as the poem progresses
towards it's climax.

im pinning this one.


Marion Price

Thankyou my friend, this actually is one of the rare ones I'm completely happy with...maybe because I wrote it with my little grandchildren in mind...3 and 7...still young enough to be thrilled by everything🌹

Tony Taylor

Hi MARION!!...... Just trying to catch up with everything I've missed since I've been gone....... so glad I caught this one... it is ALWAYS a pleasure to read something that has children as an inspiration behind it...... they seem to always have a kind of extra-glow that beams forth from them .....and That inspiration inevitably touches the reader with its purity and depth of wonder!!........ALL STARS!!...... well penned dear poet sister!!.....LOVE & ROCKETS!!.........T xo.  : )

Jill Tait

Awww lovely luv ❤️❤️❤️

Marion Price

Hey Jill...will catch up on yours soon ...thanks my friend 💕