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The Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster

Back in the 1970’s, the greatest children’s show;
Was the one they titled “Sesame Street”, rave reviews where’er you’d go!
The standout star was a character, “The Cookie Monster” was its name;
The show still now is airing, such longevity and fame!
But there comes today a challenger, for the one that’s on the show;
Our own precious Cookie, that people all love so!
Whether human or a doggie, she will fill you full of love;
A gift to make us happy, from the Heavens up above!
She is named so very aptly, her energy is non-stop;
If you dare try keeping up with her, you must party till you drop!
She also has been monstrous, but in a very special way;
For the moment that she came to us, she brightened every day!
She has made us “monstrously” happy, brought back many of lost joys;
That we shared for so many years, with our beloved little boys!
Our tears have turned to laughter, our hearts and Souls now smile;
For our little “Cookie Monster”, has a unique healing style!
Our little Cookie
Brings monstrous joy to our hearts
Our panacea


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Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Larry....Your little "Cookie" monster is so cute!  I can see how she would easily win over your hearts and charm you with her active energetic personality.  I am so happy you have her to love and become a part of your family.  I know she can never replace Cody or Nico....but add to that special bonding love that dogs give....Made me smile and want to hug her.  xo ;)  Love n Hugs to you, Linda, and Cookie 

Larry Ran

Hi Dear Cherie,

In a way, it is great that she is "our little girl", and so we don't have the burden of comparing her to "our little boys".  Although she has several of their attributes, being the tomboy that she is, she also has many female idiosyncrasies of her own.
Maybe someday soon, you will get your wish to hug her.

All our love,
Linda and Larry xxx