Poem -

~ "The Cross and Your Path ~

~ "The Cross and Your Path ~

No matter where you walk
Or what you search for
You will find no better path above
Nor safer road below
Than this, the path leading
To God's Love...

Plan out every detail
As you wish
Still, there will
Be suffering in your life
Whether you wish it or not
You must bear, some version
Of Jesus
On the cross...

Sometimes God may leave you
Seemingly above,
Sometimes your neighbor will cause you
To become distraught
And inevitably, at some point
You will be lost...

God wants you to endure the burn
A lesson you need to learn
To submit yourself to him
In becoming truly humble
By experiencing that which hurts
And not coincidentally
Teaches you
To walk your own path
And to bear
Your own cross...

Tony Taylor


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Cherie Leigh

Hey T...I remember when you first wrote this and we had a conversation about God.   You are so right that things can happen that are out of our control and it may feel like God is not there, but he is always there...The cross is testimony that He cares for our burdens...He died to take them on and promises to be with us through our trials...We all have our cross to bear, and to live with faith and hope makes life more bearable when we are being tested...for Jesus endured so much and promises to come back to gather us after this brief time we experience here.  Great spiritual write, T....I just light up when I think of how very loved we are by a Creator that has purposes for us all.  Love n Hugs, xo  

Gerard McGowan

In suffering there is strength, I've always believed that Tony, an inspiration you are, never let go and send me some light and love.

Tony Taylor

YAY!! Thanx Sir McGowan!!..... how right you are my friend!!...... Whether you choose to call him/it God, Jesus, Buhdda, or Nat king Cole...... the truth only works ONE WAY!!..... Something and/or someone created this reality.... and in keeping with that understanding..... we DO have a CREATOR!!...... and He obviously Loves us for precisely what we are!!..... There exists NO OTHER way to comprehend it!!.... Part of that understanding is in learning humility..... and one of the most expedient ways to learn such a profound lesson is in/through suffering!!..... You, dear poet brother...... are a smart mamma jamma!!......or as I prefer to call it......Highly Intuitive mamma-jamma!! (smiles)...... Stay groovy bro!!..... and keep on 'Paying It Forward!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo. : )

Icarus Flocke

This is indeed a WONDERFUL spiritual work.
(as opposed to religious.) And what I personally
gather from the "some version of Jesus on the
Cross" phrase is to adopt the psychological characteristics
Of christ. The selflessness and willingness to
Sacrifice oneself for your fellow person. (Along with
other prominent virtues which constitute what 
Bucke in his cosmic consciousness book considered
Christ Consciousness. Which was to spiritual evolution
what Individuation is to Jungian psych. Theory.) Kindness
And acceptance goes a long way and this work reveals
expressions of a highly evolved character.

Well done.


Tony Taylor

Thanx Bro!!.....I know we have had many conversations that points in this direction..... and most certainly...... The Truth Only Works One Way!!..... and this touches upon that most powerful truth!!...... miss you my friend!!...... talk soon!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo. : )

Barry Childs

Tony, whoever you are, 'You must bear, some version
Of Jesus
On the cross..'. Good thoughtful stuff.
Barry x