Poem -

The dark side of the moon

The dark side of the moon

Horrific ways 
That Blows sand for days
Nothing here ever moves 
on smiling waves and clapping souls that we're never blamed.
All those born here 
are all only brave. 
And I know not one that feels 
Frightened or shamed. 
We will kill you 
But never set you in flames.
That of Our ways our far from games.
And that's our reality 
But really we call it our ability, 
and them say that's insanity. 
But The shadows here 
have no responsibilities.
H0w is that any different 
from what you call your humanity. 
We are Madness without cruelty 
It's the light not the night
That brings death from curiosity. 
We hate what's bright 
 and love all the sparkly night
I think that's lovely
And know it to be right. 

We don't pretend to see colors 
What for we all have mothers.
what for if none of us have fathers.  
So why are we all brave here
And on the side of light 
plenty of cowards there. 
We don't argue among eachother
That will just bring death 
much faster.
We are not all the same.
everyone in there own time came. But the moon light 
will claim the brain.
each one of us will mug you 
From everything you've ever made. 
There's two faces to the moon
Here we have a soon 
The otherside 
can only make it at noon.
Now that's alot of waiting room. 
They must have alot more time too.
And There is times I imagen the other side
And it's a place I don't crave.
Not even inthe brightest night. 
Why those everyone stand on light,
All It those is look bright.
Yet more then half of they're hearts
Is darker than the dark night.
I live with all that's evil   
Stolen or not I always have 
A last meal. 
Here Everyone steels 
And That makes nobody weird.
And not one squeals for real. 
that's k honor with a seal. 
Well u stand cold you'll still age old because it's the shine in the snow that glows
From the ground and floors.
so if you ever change you're mind come on over here we have no doors. 
We can argue who has more.? 


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