Poem -

The falling

The falling


The view of trees
Is a sight that bleeds.

They're strong roots 
And none ever weak.

A sense of emotion
To realise that Commotion 
can be worsen if you lay your child 
And them not you..... it's been proven. 

Needling forever constantly 
withdrawing The ties of inner peace.
When everyone sees there child leave.
It's thee Tree who truly exceeds 
the pain of seed.

All instances realisesess 
That a bye to your child
Is un expressive 
wordless speechless 
and quietly silence....

To what dropped and then drips.
It's purpose assuring the "brake"
Just so air could flick and rip,
And expect a tare,
The disrespect to a tear.

So quick that now time 
must tip"
for a leaf that has to fall it's all 
in a blink.
The leaving of living from leaf 
is not a miss.

It's Momentarily just enough to be 
a bliss.
But if bless then a breeze 
it reached. 
So we squeeze to 
co exsist.
two in a cycle
and all in one mix.

Ice age then rennesons 
And stone age had a son.
Far from galactic plastic 
Life we both have,
And up worth we both grow.
Together we make nature brother"
Of the world that shares us both.
By the same God"
we all love and know.

Shake a tree and watch its trunk bleed
Cut yourself a leave and become a thief
But splash with hugs and maybe the shade leaves the tree ....

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