Poem -

The full circle

The full circle

Back round again
It's happening again
Its changing again
Strangers turning from friends
Back to strangers again
I cant take it again
I refuse to let them in I refuse to lower my guard
Screaming I hate this life I'm living hard ⁸

Im stuck in this Dark depression
Dark depression it's got this blood covered weapon
Stuck with this dark depression
memories teaching me a lesson
But its greeting me like a old friend
Comfort in the arms I rest in
And you lot my take this as a blessing
But ever night in my mind im wrestling

Youd thought growing up around drugs would of put me off
Far from it.. it started me off
Youd think licking shots to them parents with t.he kids staring in my car
Would take me back to a place
When it was me and my staring face
Far from it
I was educated from a small age
Surrounded by drugs in a dark cage
Growing up around parents rage
And told once your hooked on drugs you cant change

I feel deep this circles pressing me
This circles not letting me free
I'm living eastenders life and it's not on tv
Daddy on drugs since I was 3
Mummy got I'll nearly taken by the C
Even my sisters cloudy
please allow me
Was running away from drugs but these drugs
 these drugs 
they found me

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Being Me

This is raw and edgy. Well written x

Pratibha Savani

Wow I agree with being me it is raw with emotions. Brilliantly written. 💜