Poem -

The Garrulous Goose 🤣

The Garrulous Goose 🤣

There are them that do the talking
Who never can listen alot
wrapped up in their own 
what they are told they have forgot

Information sucks in the left ear
Then carelessly spits out the right
Whilst not taking in a word they’ve heard
Out of mind out of sight

Yet these people can gibber on monotonously without a break 
One get’s migraine from consentrating
Too much jabbering for heaven’s sake

They aren’t aware of their situation
Lost in their own blabbering bubble
Talking verbal diarrhoea
Not purposely causing trouble

But boy how they are annoying
Why can’t they just slow down
They gabble like a garrulous goose
They turn your smile to a sad frown

Tho you realise they can’t help it
They have a nervous disposition
So you’d stand all day being polite
They are like a machine gun on a mission