Poem -

The Girl in My Mirror

By Penelope Smith

I look in the mirror and what do I see?
I see a broken girl gazing back at me.

I see her melancholy gaze,
that somber look upon her face.
And I wonder.
What caused her happiness to plunder.

I reach to her but only feel glass.
But I remember all the times we've stared at each other's faces,
at different times and in different places.
Different years, different fazes.

I remember when she was so young, 
before the pains of life stung.
I exclaim that I miss her like a song constantly sung.

But despite this time when we're blue,
I know one day we'll start anew.
Though when exactly I have no clue,
I see happiness coming into view.

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Janet Stalder

Hi Penelope,
love this poem, can identify with it.
Very emotional.

Katina Woodruff...

Well written poem. 

Favorite part

I reach to her but only feel glass.

This line is so powerful. There is a longing to feel acceptance, or other aspiration when looking in the mirror. The mirror as "the judge" however, when we reflect on our lives, we often see only the negative elements, and are in search of finding the positive aspects, to keep us from giving up.

I like the story, we can all relate to looking at ourselves with a pair of loose-fitting goggles, we may not see all the great things about ourselves.

We seek validation from our friends, family and our peers at time. But when we begin seeing all of the positive elements, it's then, that life becomes more beautiful. 

Another Favorite Part: 

I remember when she was so young, 
before the pains of life stung.

Thanks for sharing your poem. 



Thank you so much for taking time to read my poem and leave your opinion, it means a lot!  I'm so glad you enjoyed it:)