Poem -

The Glass Particles

Integrate and do so with haste
I am nullified by malice spewed by friends
Put together the broken column
The structure once unbreakable
That was my devotion
I saw you across the vast blue ocean
.....that turned to oil so black

.....I had lost my eyes to Poseidon
Long gone dead her horizon
Hopes subside
False in bright measure of light 
Internally lost within a vision
As my eyes lose the sight
of heaven's pearl

Blackness coats the ivory of knowing
what was pure and free of doubt
Words of jagged particles of glass
Aimed at me
I will not pretend to be above
.....your flames of hate, oh penetrate
My hard shell of pride

I told you I am yours to mould
Believe the stories you've been told
I am what you behold
I am always cold
Warm in the light of heaven that is you and I
Never look below, we take the sky
.....when the particles of glass are put together

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