Poem -

The glass vase

The glass vase

I am the glass vase
I sit in the same spot every day
I do the same thing every day
Everyone who sees me has something to say
Everything they say is different 
But I want the words to go away
I am comfortable 
I am still
If I can avoid change I will
Everyone sees the glass
And the flowers on the top
But no one see the murky waters inside
I wish the filth would stop
When the old flowers are removed
I get new water and it's clean
But when the new flowers are put in
It only takes a moment
Then the new water is green.
I wish the flowers wouldn't change my water
I wish I felt like someone's daughter
I wish being moved didn't make me feel like my glass was going to break
I wish I could sleep through my flowers dying
I wish I wasn't awake
I feel as though I see everything
But it seems as though I am blind
I sit on my shelf and watch the world pass by
Wishing I wasn't stuck in the mucky water
That I call my mind

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Johnathan Kavanaugh

Flowers grow from the filthy dirt so out of the murky waters you come from is beauty blossoming 

Jason Brown

I wish the flowers wouldn't change my water
I wish I felt like someone's daughter

An apt and well maintained metaphor; but this vase has a few cracks through which you sometimes reveal what's going on under the surface.

Beautiful imagery, with some lovely writing.

Welcome to Cosmofunnel.

J ;)

courtney knipping

Thank you so much for the welcome! It is extremely appreciated! I hope to be entering some more of my writings soon and would very much love some constructive criticism. I enjoy making people feel thing through the many forms of art I practice but I also want to make positive that the feelings I am evoking are the ones that are meant to be evoked! Once again thank you 😃


Hi Courtney, very nice piece! welcome to Cosmofunnel and look forward to reading many more of your poems.