Poem -

The Good Spell

The Good Spell

Wash your surface

Let it dry

Mourn your poverty

Send your cry

And I will come

to set you free

Fall as meteor

from the sky
Strike me once

like a match

upon the lodestone

that is your core

We will ignite

become starlight

begin the dance

of 'Evermore'
Our bond

a cord

that's oiled each day

by my Word

fire and way

that twist with yours

as you pray

in spirit and truth

You will be heard
Your wax will melt

but do not fear

I'll renew you

Be born again

year after year

And in this love

we shall remain

through every season

through acid rain
For from this graft

we'll share a cause

You'll be mine

and I'll be yours

I am The Name

above every name

I'm the skeleton key

to all your doors
And in my flame

is found en trance

to most enchanting

soul romance

My will to prosper

not to harm

and dwell inside

our Father's manse
I am the best

that you can choose

No other power

wield such fame

My iron fist 

pours in your cup

a love that you

have never known

a heart like there

was never shown

And in this life

straight from my throne

your flower and fruit remain

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