Poem -

The Guilty Guiltless

The Guilty Guiltless

Not me, no, not I
For I am good
Ask me why

A caring person I am
And good deeds I do
Good I must be, none would argue

No, not perfect
Wrongs I have done
But tell me who hasn’t, no, not one

Damned I am, regardless, you say
My wrong doings have destroyed me and are carrying me away?
To the pit so dark and full of despair
No, no never, please, not there. 

Too late, I realize
My soul has been stained
Sin materialized and has taken my name

A cure I need
There’s not much time
A hope, a hero, can salvation be mine?

No chance I have
To be rid of these chains
Self inflicted they are
I am to blame

A fool I have been
Blind I must be
Sin has come and taken hostage of me

To the sky I look
And hope I now see
My burden gone, I am set free!

My Lord, My King!
On I sing
He has come on gilded wings

A Saviour sent
But in servant form
To bear the sins of man
Now I am restored

Guilty I am,
Wretched and damned
Yet faultless I have become
Because of the Lamb

My sins washed away
By the blood of Christ
A gift I have received, my faith sufficed

And now I wait
For that secret date
When the skies open up
The last trumpet blows,
my Saviour returning,
Bringing me home.

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Oh glorious day angel