Poem -

The Heavens above

The Heavens above

I am going to climb a  long ladder to the top of the sky.. this dull as dishwater day is not pleasing to the eye.. I shall carry my palette with paints on my back and two of the colours I will not use is brown and black

Oh what fun splashing colours everywhere and when I am done it will be psychedelic up there.. gone the grey, gloominess that makes us sad, tho my new painted sky may make us feel slightly mad.. yet in a brilliant kind of way with my kaleidoscope of colour, I won’t use grey coz that would make it duller

So cheerio, see you later..I am going to ascend right now, It may take me an eternity to do it but I shall do it somehow.. with my reds, pinks and so many lovely shades of blue.. my cloudless canopy will shine down on you..as you look up to the sky, it shall fill you with love.. from my pretty painted palette up at the heavens above

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