Poem -


The young man stood
In a doorway

With nothing but the clothes
He had on
And a needle

The woman stood before him
Begged him not to use
To turn away from the devil

Turn to God instead
Before it was too late
It was never too late

The young man smiled
Said he held tightly to the 
devil's hand

Rode the devil's back
For the devil kept him warm

Whisked him up amongst the
Fed his hunger

While God....
Just kicked his ass
Told him to move on.
Marion Price(2019)


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Cherie Leigh

That is so sad, Marion....Addiction and hardships together can make one feel God has abandoned them and so any hope is  hard to embrace when life experiences show nothing but struggling and suffering....Breaks my heart.  Why can't we notice people in pain and help them before they get to that point?  It happens so much.  Sigh.  Great honest write.  xo ;)

Marion Price

Yes, it is completely shocking that people are without such a basic thing as shelter. I love that everybody is expected to climb the mountain of life alone and unaided when most are already born half way up, what about the ones born right at the bottom? Or the ones who fall off?  Life for most of us is dictated by circumstances not personal attributes...and those who reach the top are often ever so smug about the failure of others!! Thankyou my friend 💕