Poem -

The Magic of Life

If there is nothing more,
If there is nothing next,
Why so much detail in leaf?
Why the magic in its breath?
Why the power of a waterfall,
crashing upon the earth?
Why the beauty of a woman,
and her gift of giving birth?
Why do we gaze in to loving eyes?
and wonder through to their soul?
Why the almighty emotions?
Why do we feel so old?
Why the intensity of hands interlocking,
fitting as perfect as can be?
Why the almighty strength of a connection?
Between our favourite you and me?
Why the difference in all creatures,
Upon the Earth looking for ways to thrive?,
Why do we recognise their character?
With whom we share the desire to survive?.
Why a beautiful Sun set?
Or the colours of Autumn in fall?
Why the enchanting stars at night?
Or the screech of an Owls call?
Why the waves upon the ocean?
Why the buzzing of a bee?
Why the tiny wings of fly?
Why the defined bark on tree?
Why do we longย  for love?
Why do we need to beย  fulfilled?
Why if this is all there is,
ย Why is death so unwilled?

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Hello Sam...

Some may have to wonder, I like to believe there's so much more and all will know one day for sure...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...