Poem -

The meaning of nice

Living in limbo 
Looking for a bimbo 
Washing blood off my timbos 
Yo joe you’re too slow
 to keep time with my tempo 
rocking the shit out of the boat 
white water rapids 
I’m gonna kidnap a white daughter on acid
 no reflux 
walking up to your whore saying I fuck 
but I never forget
 been laying dormant 
killing time now I’m coming with vengeance your ass is mine 
I drop dollars 
you drop them dimes 
I’m not really into change
 in fact I’m scared of it 
so tell me to change 
bitch I ain’t budging 
never set a budget 
I’m more like fuck it all day 
getting high in the twilight 
till it all goes away 
I am a ghost actually 
wearing a bed sheet it’s apparent 
I can’t see you though 
you transparent 
just an eclipse you’re afraid to stare at 
I see bitch in your eyes
 or is that mascara 
radio blaring 
you can keep comparing me to the competition
 I’m just looking for a slut to stick my dick in whatever position 
my smile must be sickening
 always drifting 
shape shifting 
I’m not missing 
only hitting home runs 
you better grab more guns if you got intentions of killing me 
I’m sorry 
I’m so really real
I really don’t give a fuck
 if you really feel me 
man of steel not so super 
shot lots of drugs
 dragging the monkeys that were on my back right out the back 
banana clips
 The look on your face 
it makes me laugh 
lookin for secret paths 
you’re just lab rats 
the shit I spit is sorta abstract
 I’ll snort your drinks and drink your drugs 
Drunken and disorderly 
Preparing to piss on an orderly 
Ordinarily I’m extraordinary
Getting ready for a horrible orgy 
House of corpses 
Bringing a herd of horses 
To Tijuana for tryouts 
I left them in Mexico 
and barely broke even 
Those hoes rode them horses so hard 
I now call them equestrians
 all I’m really after is an afternoon in your womb 
somewhere around the equator 
flail flows 
god knows 
I belong down below
 heavens hemisphere
 let’s be clear 
my brains out of order
Baseline personality disorder 
What I want 
I make mine 
I save time by cutting in line 
Leaving you feeding on dope rhymes 
Feigning in front of the clinic 
suffering from withdrawals 
got you hooked 
now you grab your pocket book 
before accepting my calls

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