Poem -

The Mirror Lies

The Mirror Lies

The mirror lies, can’t empathise
and never will apologise
for what you hide behind  your eyes,
The truth that knows no compromise.
 And yes you know
within  those eyes,
the mirror always,  
always lies

The mirror sees just what you show.
It cant reflect things that you know
you try to hide,
and  keep inside,  
the images that you despise
that’s why we know, 
the mirror lies

it never sees that secret smile
you only use once in a while,
or how a lonely tear will fall
when friends and kids forget to call.
It can’t reflect what’s in your soul,
those things that make you
lose control

It only shows a part of you,
the part that isn’t really true,
The rest is just seen through a veil
It's all economies of scale.
The subterfuge is all skin deep,
with  lies enough
to make you weep

Don’t trust that mirror of deceit,
one you see there , you’ll never meet.
It’s just a perfect picture see
And  not at all like you and me..
But maybe lies
are what we need,
to help us constantly mislead

So lie to me my mirrored friend
We’re allies to the very end.
My secrets I will keep with me
and you will only let them see,
the side of me ,they think my best,
that  darkest side ..
no one else  guessed….


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Marion Price

Nice write Iodigiana, I often wonder who the face in the mirror is, but mostly i feel a  massive disconnection with photos, now who is THAT person? ..lol...enjoyed 🌹🌹


Oh my goodness Marion you have hit the nail right on the head! Sometimes it would be lovely to crawl back into old photos ..just for a few minutes , and as for that wretched mirror ! Well the less time spent looking in there these  days the better! Thanks so much for reading and commenting..appreciate it xx

Tony Taylor

Hi LODIGIANA!!....this is a fine use of running rhyme throughout...... it literally sings out loud because of well the rhyme scheme is woven in and out......toi keep it compelling with a narrative line AND keep the rhyme scheme singing is a most difficult undertaking that you have made to look easy!!......ALL STARS!!..... excellent work dear poet sister!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo.  : )


Thanks so much Tony...sometimes its a real problem deciding what form to put different pieces into..I love freestyle and it can be so expressive, but appreciate that so often without the rhythm of verse it doesn't suit everyone..rhyming is great but again it does sometimes restrict the flow of what we are trying to express if you have to stay within rhyming parameters. This particular piece  i was quite pleased with as I managed to get most of what I wanted into the piece  whilst still trying to maintain the rhyming scheme..although 7 line verses is not ideal ! Really pleased you appreciated and liked it ..Thank you my friend xx