Poem -

The Mystic

The mystic sees what others don't
The mystic goes where others won't
For ze the veil is ever torn
For ze a world is being born
Life in death
And death in life
Incubation of the cosmic seed
From root to tree
From stone to mount
Divine at work
Beyond the count
Many is one
All unfolds
Toward the core
Circuit vital
Gets recharged
Ze sees the Self just up ahead
Brushes the robe of heaven
Leaves the world behind
Severed of head and blind
Mystic is drunk
The earth is spinning
The latter dunked
The former winning
Let the end end
Return to the start
Become a mystic
Find eternal heart

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Tony Taylor

Hey AL!!.... this is friggin' brilliant in its references to the concrete and then back to the possibility.... like a tennis match of the philosophical potential of humanity......VERY clever stuff my friend!!.......ALL STARS!!...... well done dear poet brother!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo. : )


A marvellous poem indeed with mystic charms depicted in eloquent rhyming. Your word choice is very poetic and great to read. What does ze mean? Kudos.

pls pleez do review my newest poem too, it's nice to hear from fellow poets for exchange of thoughts or it feels like a monologue.

al Bikaadi

Thank you Zaynab. I know what you mean about sometimes feeling like a monolog! "Ze" is a neutral gender pronoun used instead of s/he.