Poem -


The nearly man is almost but not quite there 
Doesn't complete his tasks and doesn't care
He starts well and good progress is made 
The finishing line is still a way off I'm afraid

The nearly man gets distracted with the task in hand
One could say he buries his head in the sand 
Sure the nearly man tries his best each time 
If he finished the task there wouldn't be this rhyme

The nearly man has now finished his day 
Can't finish what he starts I have to say 
Poor man looks almost dead on his feet 
What would he be like if the task was complete ?

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Tony Taylor

LOL!!....you REALLY do have a knack for this type of poetic offering!!.....two days in a row you've got me smiling WIDE!! ...sounds like something a wife or mother would be saying about their son or husband!!.........smiles!!....."The Nearly Man" almost got me fired!!......Nearly got me divorced too!! ~ more smiles......I like the way you put your "Poetry Genre" as Comedy & Drama!!......LOL!!......ALL STARS!!....too funny!!.....I am your cyber-friend and admirer KIERAN!!......T xo🐧✴❤