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The Original Superpowers

The Original Superpowers

Beguile midst cigar smoke,
Sweat bestow in brow,
Cards laid out, life and death,
For whom does what and how.

Piano and falsetto,
Drowning out the crowd,
Humankind in the balance,
Cards lay flat and proud.

A pact is born forever,
Puppeteers midst steely drink,
To forgive, forget and fall,
To rise and plunder or sink.

Fate is already masked,
The paths that are chose are owned,
They whisper and advise,
Their power of persuasion honed.

Light and dark in battle,
Planes of blood and pain,
Character or circumstance,
To pursue or to refrain.

They sit amidst a broken bottle,
A wager on who will win,
People of natural feather,
Or rage attuned in sin.


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Edward Williams

I really feel the ambiance of the situation and i am intrigued by pondering over the title it makes for a mysteriously magical setting. Great job

Tony Taylor

Hey Sir BROMLEY!!......I felt like I was reading about Tarot Card readers or Gypsy Fortune Tellers!!...... Fun Stuff my friend!!...... DEFINITELY created a mood, tone, and compelling ambiance!!.........smiles!!.......T xo 🐧✴ ❀✴

Simon Bromley

Thank you Tony.Β  I recently heard of the term original superpowers and had this vision of god and the devil making a wager over the conflicts of life.Β  Glad you enjoyed.