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‘The ‘Pen is more powerful than the sword’

‘The ‘Pen is more powerful than the sword’

The ‘Pen is more powerful than the sword’.... now thats a proverb that was well thought whilst it makes such good sense when spoken, I wonder just on how many occasions a letter has been read & left the receiver heartbroken

Yes a dagger or the sharpest sword can stab one with intent
yet one single word shall wield weighty wickedness without even being meant
One should always choose one’s words so cautiously, give it a second thought
Imagine if that exact word was said to yourself would you feel overwrought ?

Think before you speak is some very wise advice, keep that nasty word within your mouth if it is not very nice
What’s the point of hurting someone all because of words you said
If the shoe was on the other foot would those words mess with your head ?

Carry your sword within your heart for courage to shield you from any pain, but only utter words of positivity, whilst never speaking these words in vain
The moral of my meaning is both the sword & pen may be unforeseen so take a tip from from an old well-wisher & do not say what you don’t mean

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Excellent poetry  angel  enjoyed  it  throughly  

Jill Tait

Awww thank you Angel my luv 💕💕💕