Poem -

The Rain

The Rain

Tremulous torrent fresh and crisp,
Midst sunlight through billows wisp,
Washes away the dirt and unclean,
Cascades over my head, clean and pristine.

Darkened sky in rainbows clasp,
Haze of hue arched in pass.
Children in puddles prance and play,
Floret and blades savour and sway.

For most sequestered warming before fire,
For I, I venture, tis peace I acquire.
Lightening and thunderous squall off the coast,
Hearing her bellow, I enjoy the most.

Indomitable sky aloud and dark,
Droplets fall, angels hark,
Wilt and growth, thicket and mire,
I savour the rain, tis peace I acquire.


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Mitsali Fatima

Midst sunlight through billows wisp

Wow! I love the way you describe things, absolutely amazing!

Simon Bromley

Thank you Mitsali you're one of my favourites lol.