Poem -

The real me

The real me

I'm afraid 
I'm afraid of loving somebody 
he might be scared off by the real me 
he might think I'm too crazy 
might think I have too many demons to face 
so I stay inside of my own world
so I stay to myself 
I hide in the shadows 
I hide behind my mask 
not wanting to get hurt 
not wanting to face them
it's why I have walls 
it's why I have demons on guard
I'm sorry I'm too much 
I'm sorry I scare you away 
this is the end 
this is the end of my happiness 

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Being Me

Aww¬† so sad!¬† The right person will love you for who you are...warts and all ūüėȬ† If they don't then they are not worthy of you anyway. I just know that out in the world there are many that will find your words here relatable x

Simon Bromley

Very deep write and one day you'll meet someone who'll be all you want and they will think that of you too.  

Pratibha Savani

Such strong lines expressed in this poem. Deep writer. Hope you are in a better place now x