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The Resurrection Of My Soul

The Resurrection Of My Soul

When we lost Nico, then two years later Cody, I almost lost my mind;
I thought that I would never heal, no peace to ever find!
But seven months ago, we got our Cookie, and slowly, she makes me whole;
She is the Heavenly-sent harbinger, for “The Resurrection Of My Soul”!
I’ll admit, when we first got her, she was already eight months old;
Unlike Nico and Cody, young puppies when they were sold!
So we got to train them early, and mold their character;
Whereas, Cookie had bad habits, that needed to be eliminated from her!
For a while, I was wavering, on returning her to the pet rescue;
She was more than we could handle, I didn’t know what to do!
But Linda lobbied hard to keep her, and assured me she would change;
Just give her time to reassimilate, and her habits rearrange!
Then sure enough it happened, today she is as perfect as could be;
She brings us joy and happiness, we have perfect harmony!
We can’t imagine our lives without her, she has healed our broken hearts;
Each morning, we look so forward, for another glorious day to start!
Our sweetest Cookie
Brought joy back into our lives
Tears turned to smiles


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Cherie Leigh

HI dear Larry....I am glad that Cookie has acclimated and become a great family member.  I actually prefer to get a dog that is not a young puppy so that they are already housebroken and not in the teething stage of chewing on furniture and things that their sharp teeth destroy...lol  But I did get my current dog, Haven when he was only 6 weeks old, and he actually picked us to take hi home.  I thought I wanted a female blue merle mini Australian Shepherd and Haven is a male red merle.  But he was so determined for me to pick him up and followed us all over the farm where we bought him, insisting he was the one....so it was!  And I am so glad he picked us!  He is my buddy.  I hope Cookie lives a very long time and brings you much joy.  Love n Hugs, xo

Larry Ran

Our Dear Cherie,

What a great story about Haven!  It just shows that he was meant to come into your lives, and the moment he saw you, he felt a connection in his heart and Soul.  The day we found Cookie, we were actually looking for a male Bichon to replace Nico and Cody, but when we pulled her photo up from the pet rescue website, and she had just become available that day, we went to see her.  We got there an hour before they opened, to assure that we would be first in line, which we were.  Seven other people showed up to adopt her, but we had first right of refusal, and the moment she came to the front of her cage and kissed our fingers, we knew that our Cody and Nico had guided us to her, and she was meant to be ours.

All our love,
Linda and Larry xxx