Poem -

The Reunion

The Reunion

Her smile hides it all
The confidence radiates and warms all within  its sphere
Nothing is amiss,
No one notices….
Lingering on the periphery of the chatting groups,
debating when to enter the conversation- and how..
Knowing that whatever words she speaks will be a lie…
Well, maybe embellishment would be more honest…
Listening to whining voices droning on about holidays,
Childrens nannies and buying bigger houses.
 Who’s  wearing  Louboutin heels? And more importantly who isn’t!....
Shifting uneasily on her well worn  wedges
She glides between the perfumed, mannequins hiding her un-manicured nails.
Praying no one asks  her ‘what do you  do?’
How will she  make School dinner server sound dynamic?
How could she  show these shallow, ghost women
that nothing much compares to the smile a child gives you when you slip an extra
piece of pie  on their plate?
How does she  explain the joy felt when little hands excitedly
thrust end of term chocolates at you?…
Would they know the fulfilment felt when, once a year,
a class of  7 year olds sing a rousing ‘ Happy Birthday’ to you?
whilst giving you that wonderfully toothless grin  all 7 year old have?
No… these woman know nothing of that!
Keep your shoes ladies!..
Keep your keeping up with the Jones’s!
She has discovered   treasures beyond compare…and smilingly knows
It’s time to go home… until next year.

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Hi Lodigiana, what a novel write!!! I expect there will now be a rush of similar ones as you give people inspiration on writing about things other than quite dark subjects! I enjoyed this very much and have attended a couple of similar  Reunions in the past !! Nice work !