Poem -

The River Styx

The River Styx

Passed under pretence you may last, ever cast into the eternal stream, Charon upon the river of time sets sail from darkness of unsure shores to ethereal light pristine.

Coins paid in kind by family’s blind to where it is you sail, bodies lay broken in the earth as your souls in hope to prevail.
You await your fate, your new vessel in wait, as those in lost swim to their demise, never again to see the light of skies.
Others falter, swimming in lies to an end in eternal doom, gloom, the end.

For you, in due course, your old life remains, in the hearts of all who remember, in starlight they gaze.Β  Your new life awaits, through gates of clear canvass, at last a new painting to be painted, untainted, breathe…

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Dean Kuch

Outstanding, Simon.
A metaphorical, poetic trip to Hades and a ride down the River Styx.
Well penned!

Simon Bromley

Thank you my friend.Β  I was exploring my daily images and found this and I immediately thought of the river styx and did my research on it.Β  Very interesting concept.Β  Thank you for your read and comment.