Poem -

The Semenyih Fly

Mary chased the Semenyih fly once again,
It came to many places in the wind and rain;
I used to be a fly going to Malaysia,
now, I'm a human messenger, inter alia.

I can not be caught anymore, invisible,
just guide you to good solutions, what's feasible;
someone said: 'Didn't you used to be a fly?'
I said; 'I can not die, no matter how hard I try.'

I had Goldblum's head on me once or twice,
and it turned out to be only half as nice;
now I'm free, I can take on nearly any form,
lucky my lifespan's extended since I was born.

Don't kill me, I'm going to exotic lands,
when I started flying, I used to say: 'Look ma, no hands!'

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