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The Septuagenarian Space Traveler

The Septuagenarian Space Traveler

As I approach my eight decade on Earth
I seek to solve the riddle of life
Each night, I travel to the distant stars
Floating, encompassed by their infinity
Lost Souls, serenade me with sweet songs
I reach out to hold them, but they evaporate in my outstretched arms
I weep, for this glorious union was so short lived
I awaken to the reality of me
Then I ponder, was it only a dream
Or for a fleeting moment, were we really reunited
Fantasy or reality, that is the question I ask each night
This “Septuagenarian Space Traveler”
Seeking to comprehend the mystery of the Universe


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Cherie Leigh

HI dear Larry....I think we feel and see so much genuine insight in our dreams...those beautiful things we wish to understand and draw closer to...as if our soul/spirit knows much more than we can comprehend and longs to return to that knowledge and love....I love the theme and emotions behind this.  Thank you for sharing...I am with you....always seeking to understand...xo Love n Hugs  

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

Throughout my life, I have had certain dreams, that have come true.  When I was eleven years old, I dreamt of a dark dreary night at a graveyard.  Soon thereafter, in the middle of the night, my Aunt called from Philadelphia to say that my Grandfather had passed away from a heart attack.  I think sometimes that some of us do get portents into the future.  I have had a recurring dream about being on a large passenger plane, and it is getting ready to crash.  It is a horrible feeling of helplessness, for you know that you're a goner.  However, it is one dream which will never come true, for after my first one in 1987, I immediately gave up flying.  Of course, the more pleasant dreams are those when we visit with dearly departed loved ones.  Thank you for your beautiful comment.

All my love,
Larry xxx