Poem -

The silence in the dark

Wading through darkness 
Trapped and smothered 
Clawing and screaming 
Everything covered 
The light is a memory 
A fleeting dream 
Cold and alone
Suffering unseen
Life is for living
A beautiful lie
Trapped in the darkness
Waiting to die
I shout and I scream 
One final time
Drowned out in silence 
In this darkness of mine

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Icarus Flocke

wonderfully written and very suited for
song due to its lyricism.

five stars bro.

Ian Smith

Thanks Icarus, I never thought of any of my poems lyrically, although I have a habit of free writing and not reading what iv wrote for days, weeks or even months later lol. I might have to have a crack at a song though, thanks for the idea and taking the time to read it. I hope you have a good day bud 😁 

Tony Taylor

Hey IAN!.....I like the rhythm and intensity of the phrasing here...... like Icarus said....VERY lyrical....and definitely driving home the intent suggested by your title with well delivered and succinct lines that sing!!......ALL STARS!!.... well done dear poet brother!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧❤

Lorna Caizley

Really enjoyed the meter of this..very visual 
lorna :)