Poem -

The tree

The tree

The tree sits
All alone in the distance
Swaying only as the wind blows
It listens
As the birds sing
And the people converse

The tree stands
When everyone else
Has gone to rest
Sitting awake
And watching
As the hours tick by

The tree lives
When nobody else truly manages
Because we're all distracted
And that's one advantage
Of being on its own

The tree breathes
The fresh air
Not caught up in the drama
Of this world
Not really a care

The tree sits
And only sways
As the wind blows
Because alas
It is only a tree
That represents beauty
And contrasts the scene rolling out

The tree
Is nothing more
Than intelligent design
Something to think about in greater detail
If only we could make some time

The picture above is actually mine. Hope you like my poem and the picture ❤ hope y'all all have an amazing day

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Tony Taylor

Hey T.C.!!...this is an excellent write..... conveying the 'double entendre ' of the lone tree and its representative powers of observation .......your formatting works perfectly ~ helping the movement of this piece flow beautifully ......well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered......." If only we could make some time.."....ALL STARS!!...... well done!!...... LOVE and ROCKETS!!......T xo 😉☀✴✳

That Child

Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot to me, even if I am only now seeing it. Again thank you❤ I'm actually extremely proud of this work

Jason Brown

And that's one advantage
Of being on its own

Yet the tree is connected, through its root system, to a million others...trees, plants, water sources, the very earth itself.
As we all are...

Lovely poem.

J ;)


oh  , this is a very nice read 😊  .the tree which breathes , away from all the drama, the tree that listens....the tree sounds almost content and at peace , nice work 😊 trees certainly are beautiful.