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Through the vicissitudes of a life rife with lonely wanting
My path was lit from a spiritual place with apparitions haunting
Driven to learn the power lurking In holy edifices and ancient places
I wandered the world with an eye to devour mystery and social graces
But throughout the vicissitudes incurred I somehow lost my own opinions
It took an act of God to slow me down and afford me my personal dominion
Over choices and decisions concerning who I Love and what I do
Today, I find myself thanking God for helping me to steer my own haunting...

For finally I have found deep within myself, a spiritual understanding
That is to say, my conversations with God no longer require planning
Somehow, through all the altercations I have found true Love of God
Not the God in history books or sermons
But the light you see In everything and everyone
The God in street urchins and butterflies
The God in Love of life
The God in a thieving child
The God in the energy
That created everything
The God that no longer requires
A plan to speak with him
When, (regardless of the Vicissitudes)
You can speak with him
Anytime at all....

Tony Taylor
* this was originally written 10 years ago
Just reminiscing friends....

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Hello Tony .... This makes me think of how through hurt... It can lead us to try to seek Answers and try to find and see more in life . That " God " you refer to makes me kind of think of the connection to my higher self and my connection to everything ... That sense of oneness with everything .. And that sense of peace within .. Seeing things as so much more beautiful than we used to see them in the past . 

I used to feel very disconnected and removed from things ... Sometimes I can still go back to feeling that way ... But I definately can feel a lot more connected to myself and everything around me ... And that feels like such a nice place to be ... Nobody wants to feel lonely and wanting and we just want to come to a place of peace and connection ... So glad when I feel in that place but hate it when I feel out of touch with things 

a lovely deep strong piece of writing , I especially love the last verse . God is the "divine .". Love " .......  

Violet Freese

Over the years my understanding of GOD has changed 
dramatically. I too underwent my own seeking of spiritual knowledge
for a system or belief set that set with my own heart.  After much questing and sampling and thinking this or that,.. When I stopped struggling so hard.. It 
happened. I found peace with realizing I did not have to follow accepted 
religious dogma.. it was OK to go out on my own and create my own
relationship with source. and spirits and guides.. and all the wondrous
entities and dimensions we are privy too.. This poem illustrates that so perfectly....The great thing was.. God is all things, in all things, and 
loves all things... It is home.


Cherie Leigh

Hey T.... Everyone's relationship with God is a unique journey..and I know that the older I get that I want to please Him over my own will...because His will is always perfect over anything I can plan for myself...and I know He has a plan for you too.  I wish you all the luck in your lifetime journey of a relationship with God and drawing closer to Him.  Love n Hugs, C xo   

Greg Etsell

what what  what a a a wouderful poem what a 
wonderful  poem

Raelene Elliss

hallelujah praise god bless you for you words 

Jill Tait

Uplifting & beautiful Tony đź’™

Icarus Flocke

It's just as amazing now as it was 10 years ago my
friend. The transcendentalist tone spoken in a modern
voice (YOUR modern voice to be specific) is going to
inspire many young dreamers to see "beyond the pale"
of their indoctrinated sense of traditionalism and seek
God in Nature and more importantly within the human
Heart/Soul. (which is in my own admittedly biased view
one of
Gods finest creations.)


John Prophet

Nice work Tony, seems you’ve been writing quality stuff for sometime.


Larry Ran

My Dear Tony,

This one tore at my heartstrings, the moment I saw the title, because my Father often said to me, "those are the vicissitudes of life".  
Your powerful words so well illustrate man's struggle with adversity, questioning God's ways.
Great write, full of potent passion, and soul-searching soliloquy.  
All stars, had to pin it.

All my love,
Larry xxx