Poem -

The Wanderer

Alone, afoot
With the world at my feet 
And my thoughts behind me. 
I part ways with life, and a dream 
Beyond my reach
And take to the open road.
The winding gravel,
Twists my own imagination,
And leads to where ever I wish to roam. 

For fortune, I have no desire 
I alone am desire. 
All a wanderer needs
Is the road,
And the stars to shield him at night. 
To where ever fate holds favor 
Is beyond me. 
I welcome with a complex mind
The events which are yet to come.

My mind, peaked with curiosity 
Overlaps and shrouds my own doubts.
For I alone, the father of my own creation
And the master of my own defeat. 
And the kind stranger who says Hello 
Is a parting friend who says Goodbye.

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al Bikaadi

Love that theme... It's always pleasant to have such seasons of freedom. And one learns so much in that luminal space.
Nice piece