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The Weird Wonderful Wilderness

The Weird Wonderful Wilderness

I shall dive amidst the abyss of the ocean
I will marvel at the psychedelic colours that I see
Millions of minute bubbles will rise up from my scuba tank providing necessary oxygen for me

A creativity of corals in the whackiest shapes & sizes
An abundance of colourful creatures in between
Golden brown, azure blue,
Red, translucent & aqua marine

Giant tube worms, so unbelievable
Vampire squids that are surely inconceivable
Hairy frog fish & frightening Fangtooth, Humpbacked anglerfish & the Pelcan eel
This weird wonderful wilderness
Where absolutely nothing looks living & real


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Nigel Cresswell

Love it Jill, the film maker / photographer Leni Riefenstahl spent her last working decades diving the Maldives as one of the pioneers of underwater photography, her work has always bewitched me as did your poem. Thanks for sharing,

Jill Tait

Aww Thankx Nigel much appreciated ❤️