Poem -


Passing petals
Stinging nettles
Bending with the harsh wind
Overflowing water
Daylight is shorter
Nights longer
Here I wonder
All around, the ground, is wet
No sleep for me tonight again, I bet
That seat is taken
There’s a wall ahead I guess
What a mess
If someone had told me
This was going to be
I wouldn’t have believed a word they said
I wish someone could get inside of my head
And talk to the voices who should be dead
Leave me alone
It’s not a phone
 I can’t put the receiver down
They say they are my friends
But they are taking a lend
Biting away at my mind
Their so unkind
Blocking out vision
Making me blind
Covering my ears
Hand over my mouth
From behind me they stand
Pulling at the fingers on my hand
I just want to sleep
And not have to speak
Or be heard
 I can’t do any of that
Show me the black cat
I will make a wish
Let me fill the dish
With freshly prepared milk
Take me from rags
Put me in silk
Please feed me
Give me a drink
But who can I trust?
From polished to dust
I had it all
I had to fall
There was no one to save me
I’m down on my knees
Begging, please
Just give me a chance
I had to hand in my keys
Throw away my life
Say goodbye to my wife
Agree to never see my kids
Clothes now threads
Cold to the bone
No address
No phone
Hoping with every breath
So many regrets
Where to turn
Fingers they burn
Teeth chatter
Shoes full of water
I’m a lamb to the slaughter
I’m a broken man
I do what I can
But it’s never enough
I have to live rough
There’s nowhere for me now to go
Bitter winter, heavy rain and snow
I see passers by
 Inside I cry
It would be easier to die
But for some reason I stay alive
My maker must have plans for me
I just wish I knew my destiny
(There are homeless people out there who are genuine. I ache for those people.)

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Edward Williams

😥I really get it .. there are also addicts and ex addicts out there who are genuine people ... but there not givin the right  to speak or have a say in any topic because there .. stereotyped and assumed wrong in every topic or argument .. it’s sad that some times .. maby most of the time the .. accusers are worse bc there causing the bad energy .. iono seems like if people didn’t judge and point fingers and stereotype ... then it would be a lot easier for people with serious problems to climb out of a hole that they’re in 
great write

Fiona Cummings

And it is getting worse. Sad poor souls, thank you for reading