Poem -

The Word Love

The Word Love

What does the word love do to me?


It makes my chest feel tight,
And I struggle to breathe,
As the weight of my heart gets heavy

It makes my head hurt,
And my body shake,
As I begin to grow colder

It makes my stomach sick,
And causes sharp pains,
From stealing my appetite from me

I think the butterfiles that I'd been "gifted"
Were suicidal;
Or maybe they were framed
But either way,
I can feel as each one drops


It tastes sour on the tongue,
And makes me cringe,
As I grind my teeth

When it's said to me,
It's hard to hear,
And harder to believe

It's frightening,
And has never done me any good
I'm starting to believe,
I am only meant to be destroyed by it

To say, "I love you."


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Marion Price

Wow...so much said in so few words here. It's easy to forget that 'love' destroys just as much as it saves. Well done, refreshing to see the dark side of love so well expressed 🌹🌹

D-Lynn Ramos

Hm i think i work backwords
I wish i could forget that
I tend to forget theres some sorta brightside 

Thank you 💛