Poem -

Theresa’s nightmare 😔

Theresa’s nightmare 😔

Nervously entering the hospital door
Her head gloomily droops as she trudges the floor

Today is the date, an early morning call
She’s dreaded this moment, its not nice at all

Theresa has suffered the pains for too long
When she attended her appointment
She knew something was wrong

But the Consultant did tell her
Not to get too down hearted
The tumour in her bowels
Had merely just started

Nil by mouth, she lay waiting for her turn
“I hope she will be alright”
How her loved ones did yearn

They are sat staring at each other
Until the surgeon’s work is done
Her husband, daughter, her Mother & her son

Four anxious souls
Not knowing what to say
Limited conversation
Silently they pray

This woman is their life
Shes a daughter & a mother
Never, ever complaining
Doesn’t want to cause bother

Hours goes by, not hearing a thing
Dan, her husband gets a fright
When his phone does ring

Theresa is on ward five
In the recovery room
Her operation went well
That news lifts their gloom

Two by two, they are allowed
Each half hours 
So they quietly show their love
Handing the nurse pretty flowers

Theresa has pulled through
The tumour was benign
Though shes in alot of pain 
Given time she will be fine

They thank the surgeon & the nurses in her care
It won’t be long before shes home
Its been an awful nightmare