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Thirty Days To Live-7/5/17

Thirty Days To Live-7/5/17

Our precious Angel Cody, two years ago this day;
You had but only one month to live, before you’d float away!
Mommy and Daddy both blinded, by the love we had for you;
Not realizing your life was waning, unable to face the truth!
We look back now on those last days, how you fought so hard to live;
You were getting so much thinner, not much energy to give!
Each day you forced some food down, your body full of pain;
Your walks were very shortened, little sustenance you sustained!
Then came that fateful Saturday, the morn of August fifth;
You fell down when you tried to potty, no more power were you with!
We had to end your suffering, and send you to Nico’s side;
The second of our Soulmates, that day, so sadly dies!
Looking back two years
Your life coming to its end
Our tears soon to star

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Cherie Leigh

Dear Larry, it is the hardest thing to watch when our furry friends are in pain, and losing vitality and energy to keep going.  Putting Cody to sleep was the humane thing to do....He certainly tried to stay as long as he could, and no doubt knew how loved he is.  I can only imagine how hard it was that last month.  I was in denial too when Jade had a tumor and her seizures were getting worse.  I thought we could get them in control with medication, but that only went so far.  I just hope she did not suffer from the tumor pressing on her brain.  It was so painful to make that decision to end her suffering.  I understand that torment....I am so sorry. xo ;)  I hope "Cookie" is showing you love and giving you a great purpose in enjoying her precious life with you now.  Love n Hugs

Larry Ran

Our Dear Cherie,

Please forgive us for being so late replying to your most beautiful heartfelt words, but somehow, we overlooked it.  With me working 3 days a week, and the other 4 taking Cookie to the doggie park first thing in the morning, before it gets too hot, I have been very tired.  We feel so bad that time for Cosmo has been really limited, because we still have to handle our business on ebay.  Your lovely message has brought tears to our eyes, for you honor our little Cody so eloquently.  We can't imagine the pain you suffered with losing your Soulmate Jade at such an early age.  

All our love and apologies,
Linda and Larry xxx