Poem -

This Friendship

This Friendship

Never thought I would hold on this way
Often swaying along easier winds
Although emotions are hard to control
You always light up my inconsolable soul

Your existence has a familiar tone
It’s the liberating beauty of a sunset
The hug of a sister that never feels wrong
A touching nostalgia of a classic song

Many challenges yet i know this is right
You’re that one friend that I can never let go 
While I often stand on turbulent ground
I’m tightly held by roots so profound

Your gentle voice of reason I hear 
A special friendship that doesn’t deplete 
A comfortable innate intuition to stay
I give in, believing it will always be this way 

Mystic sense that I’ve known you a lifetime 
Paths and places in a common past
My heart got touched by your grace
You bring peace to this everyday race

A controversial connection so distinct
Fast tracked from stranger to irreplaceable 
I try to devitalize the sounds of doubt 
As I feel replenished knowing you’re someone
That I can no longer live without!

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