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Thoughts On Religion

Thoughts On Religion

I feel like I have reached my peak with failure.

God, its time to turn the page...
Or rhyme and burn the stage.
Because you is you, and you is bullet proof.
I am someone who will support the full you if you can prove it soon.
Manoeuvre through the attic, try not to break the roof.
My ideas have gone spastic, by the way.
The way you speak will soothe, its fantastic but wait.
Its a little too soft if you don't crack open and break.
Lucas the victim and Bruce the bully.
Just like a glass screw going through the metal plate.
Drooling over the thought of the state of the Earth in my hands starting to shake.
But if god isn't real, humans have lied.
I'm not reading that fucking book from someone with time.
I might seem ruthless but I'm setting the truth to this rhyme.
Tune into this side.
Your not going to fucking hell if the book is a lie.
Fuck the bible, believe in you!
Believe in your mind, fuck it!
I'm tucking the truth.
Jesus is probably a myth!
I think Religion has fucked up the youth!
Now my mind is shit...
Low in the booth seeing the mist.
If god is true than he is seeming pissed.
You've been dissed!
What are you gonna do?
Rip me to bits?!?
You have too much to prove.
Your full of shit!

Now, tell me what you think of me.
I bet all you Christians will be treating me differently.
Thinking I'm a hater that's sick of living in peace.
Your right, my life, is missing a piece.
I just, I might be opening my system and deeds.
My brain, its piston is not functioning, its figuring.
The question of why you people have been driven to believe!
Take a minute to focus and think!
Its mostly the religion sinking the weak.
Nuns and believers lives are beginning to shrink.
Nowhere near as much freedom to reach.
No one swears that they are believing in me.
Lets play it fair and agree to feed.
All those fucking worthless religion and religious thinking god is who they need!
Call me god! What is the difference?
We both ain't doing shit with our existence.
Prey for me! Add that on your wish list!
Even seen Cancer?
Ever heard of it?!
You probably aren't even concerned of it.
I hope you burn to bits!
You hurt the kids!
They get raped and you just sit there and shit!
You fucking murder who isn't even a down to earth thinking person, you bitch!
Do you feel turned about what I'm saying?
People look up to you, preying.
When I dye, I'm going to be haunting you every day and -
Night until you start to savin' lives instead of sitting and playing.
Maybe we might listen if you start today, man.
Just help Earth facing this deadly demolition maybe made by Satan...

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Thankyou! Everyone around me is Christian. I just hate the thought of them having false hopes for something that isnt true.


Hello Hader...

Have you ever lived dangerously?

Been in a spot where only God could get you out?

If you said no...

You just ain't seen nothing yet...

If you said yes then you know the truth...




I've lived dangerously multiple times. Probably too much for my liking.


I completely get where your coming from. My family is all Christian and I'm an atheist. They keep trying to bring me to the religious side by asking "if there's no god, then how did we start?" I always reply "I don't know and I don't care." But the real answer in my mind is "I don't know and I don't care. But if god really exists, HE doesn't care."  I don't want my family and friends believing in something that's not true. For all we know the Bible could of just been written by a bored dude saying these are the words of the holy Christ. Thank you for sharing! And congrats on the nomination. I hope you win. You deserve a win on this.


Similar minds think alike. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Donna Walton

This is a great piece and I too admire your conviction behind your words.
It is spookily ironic though because I have literally just written the first 2 lines of my next poem " Come on then,show me, the barrier's down.
Show me this glory you say's all around?"
That's it so far lol. I write down anything that comes then see if it blossoms. You are a talented and interesting poet and I look forward to reading more of your work.xo