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Three Dates A Week

Photo taken this morning at Whole Foods Market

Three Dates A Week

Linda and I have a brand new schedule, to keep our love life at its peak;
Cookie goes to Doggie Day Camp, and we have three dates a week!
She works Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I miss her so very much;
But Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, we snuggle and we touch!
It has added a new dimension, helped to overcome our ire;
For having to commute for work now, when she was promised she’d retire!
We don’t do anything too fancy, once a week to lunch;
But our alone times so together, alleviates life’s crunch!
Oft times, you’ll spot us kissing, in the grocery or a store;
Like two teens out on a hot date, our youth we have restored!
As I write this, she is sleeping, but soon she’ll wake and rise;
To start our dearest date day, and keep each other mesmerized!
For three days a week
We share the beauty of us
Our hearts aflutter


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Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Larry...That is just so sweet that you and Linda do not take each other for granted and make sure you spend good quality time together on the days she does not work...I am sure that is why you two remain close..I don't think I will ever not want affection and crave kissing and holding hands...Those simple things that keep love validated....I enjoy feeling your love on here.  It is inspiring. xo ;)  Love n Hugs  

Larry Ran

Hi Dear Cherie,

You are so right.  Kissing and holding are the main ingredients for sustaining true love, along with mutual respect, and caring.  To crave those things, and be fortunate to have a Soulmate to share them with, is love's ultimate perfection.
Thank you for always being so insightful.

Larry xxx

P.S. Did you see the comment poem that I dedicated to Ava on your poem "Bravery Misplaced"?