Poem -

Three Dog Nights

Photo shows Nico with me, Ernie with Roxie, and Cody with Ken It was Cody’s second birthday, February 27, 2005

Three Dog Nights

The same week that Linda got Nico, her friend Roxie got a Bichon too;
Although from different breeders, they were brothers through and through!
They were exactly the very same age, only one day apart;
The moment they were united, their eternal bond did start!
Then seventeen months later, Nico’s mommy had given birth again;
To seven little puppies, four ladies and three men!
We went down and picked our Cody, the feistiest of them all;
Attacking all his siblings, our hearts were so enthralled!
A few days after bringing him home, we went to Ernie meet;
Nico’s dearest doggie friend, came out to Cody greet!
The moment that he saw him, Ernie felt an instant bond;
Just like with his dear pal Nico, his Soul was quick respond!
They became an inseparable trio, we’d go out, and leave them home to play;
Sometimes, Ken and Roxie would travel, and Ernie with us would stay!
We remember those dear “Three Dog Nights”, our hearts and Souls now cry;
For one by one, they left us, and floated to the sky!
Blessed three dog nights
Greatest joy we’ve ever known
Our dearest Soulmates


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Cherie Leigh

What great memories....I bet meeting with the dogs was a great bonding of friendships too....I love the pictures of the dogs.  I love hearing your stories about Nico, and Cody.  I hope Cookie is doing well and giving you lots of doggy kisses...lol  Love n Hugs xo

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

We always had a birthday celebration for Nico and Cody, July 26th and February 27th.  I remember a fellow asked me to play pickleball on Nico's birthday, and I declined, telling him that it was Nico's special day.  His response was, "He'll never know the difference".  
My response to him was, "No, but I would".

Larry xxx