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Three red cars

Three red cars

Three red cars all heading the same way, each and every one of them almost full up with passengers this day.. the first was just chugging along, not in a hurry to go coz they wer’e very old people on a Sunday jaunt you know, with no particular place to go to, with no allocated destination, just taking their time on a little enjoyable vacation

The people in the second red car wern’t in any haste, they had an appointment at nine, so ample time to waste but it was only early morning so they had plenty of time, they would arrive at their journey’s end after another hill to climb..noone in either vehicle knew each other at all as the rear red car was furious following in this creeping, crawl.. the family of five in this red racing car had a boot full of luggage they were travelling afar, they had to catch a flight for a foreign holiday and tho these cars infont were snails, they needed past come what may

So with the throttle to the floor to give the Mercedes abit of umph, the driver shoved third gear in with a grating, grinding thump..all his passengers had ‘G’ force from the sudden accelleration, Mr taximan, their Father hadn’t any consideration.. nor did he look in his wing mirror, the one on his right hand side when all of a sudden there was an almighty bang when both cars did collide !!

In a spilt second of scatter-brained. Impulsive farsightedness, two red cars crashed cause of Father’s absent-mindedness..’BANG’ CLANG’ WALLOP’ as another red car was overtaking like a stallion horse in a gallop..bits and bobs scattered in mid air from both of the motorcars, Mother, Father and their three daughters were in shock seeing stars..and all because of Father’s road rage and silly, stupid driving, but thank the Lord everyone was alright and thankful for their surviving

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Marion Price

God...I hang my head in shame Jill, IV got terrible road rage...people who drive way too slow🤪🤪😲😆