Poem -

Tiddilywinks is two🦔

Tiddilywinks is two🦔

Tiddilywinks was in a hurry
She was rushing for a date
to her friend’s burrow in the meadow
This little hedghog could not be late

It was her second birthday
She was invited out to tea
Along with Morris mole, Roland rat
& the Flopsy rabbit family

They were all waiting for her entrance
at the doorway of their tunnel
When she got there they would be hiding at the end of the long funnel

So as soon as Tiddilywinks descended down thru the corridor’s of tubed earth
Her friends would jump out to surprise her
Yelling ‘Happy Birthday’
With all it’s worth

Such a happy little prickly pig
She had tidied her prongs all pruned & neat
She had even been to Tommy tortoise’s manicure
To snip the toenails on her feet

Then glancing in her muddy mirror
she saw her reflection in a pond
Tiddilywinks squirted an aroma from some lavender
Of which hedgehogs are very fond

Away she darted betwixt the forest
Beyond the castle on the hill
Past the sleepy hollow copse
Where Olivia owl was snoozing still

To the meadow where Flopsy rabbit dwelled
She had been so many times before
But on this occasion it was her birthday
They would feast on delicacies galore

“Yumyum” thought she
As her four feet did rush
Arriving at the open entrance to Mrs Flopsy bunnies hedgerow bush

Sniffing her nostrils ever so pleasingly through the passageways of peat
Tiddilywink was startled as she heard a sound she knew so sweet

“Happy Birthday dear Tiddilywinks
Happy Birthday to you 
We have collected some
earthworms & made baby mice stew”


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Cherie Leigh

Aww...Too cute!  You are great at nature writes, Jill.  This could be a story.  Loved it. xo ;)

Jill Tait

Awww Thank you soo much xxx Nature is priceless ❤️