Poem -

Time For Goodbye

Time For Goodbye

I cant get you out of my head,
You've taken over, you've stole.
Everything feels wrong,
I get in my car and slowly lose control.

A blinding light in front of me,
All I can hear is what you said.
Swerving to the left, then to the right,
All of a sudden I just see red.

My eyes open slowly,
I've woken up in a hospital bed.
Shaking in confusion,
Blood still running from my head.

Your voice is like an echo,
There are doctors all around.
My body begins to weaken,
And I slowly lose all sound.

With my last breath,
I say what you said to me.
Doctors listening close as I say,

"I'm sorry I cant love you back,
And I'm sorry for my tone.
I promise I'm not angry,
Just please leave me alone".

I've lost my independence,
I've lost my entire world.
You I thought I could trust,
But my heart, you hurled.

Its now completely dead,
No rhythm does it hold.
I'm now just a body,
Lying here completely cold.

I'm up here now in the clouds,
Watching over you everyday.
Listening to your every word,
There is one thing I have left to say.

"You made me happy for a very long time,
And forget all my problems too.
I'm sorry but I cant get over this,
As I really did love you.

But time has come to say goodbye,
And these, my final words to say.
Be happy forever without me,
Just promise me you'll be ok..."


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