Poem -

Time to Kill a Mockingbird

I don't need to get sober
I need closure
To get off this fuckin roller coaster
Quit pullin me closer
Has it ever occurred that your words are absurd
Feel like sticking a knife in the toaster
Maybe I may see God for a split second
Before I get sent to hell in a hand basket
God damn it it's damn tragic
I fucked life up without thought
You couldn't do it like me if you planned it
Placing bombs on pregnant moms riding mass transit
So packed with pedestrians they can't sit 
Forced to stand for it
Playing mind games with people with no names
Got you eating out of my hand bitch
Swept you off your feet like twisters in Kansas
Twisting spliffs of cannabis
Spitting words so cancerous
In Satan I trust
Try and cancel us
Stalking students studying on campuses
Art erupts from their blood on canvases
Going viral bring them cameras in
Shut me out all you want
Watch me get back in 
Aimlessly wandering
When to do it again
Dirty as hell cause I bathe in sin

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