Poem -

Time to Live

The whirlwind of emotions has me feeling like a suction as it kisses the glass.
Finding it hard to breathe,
I reach out in despair not knowing who may be there.
Just as I start to fall,
Something inside halts me.
Thoughts of previous quirks that
left me in shambles torrent my thoughts.
The notion of not knowing one's true intent
and the inkling of not knowing what’s to come
is the foundation of my hindrance time and time again.
To stay in this funk 
Would be contradicting to my awareness of life’s meaning 
Ready to face it all
Walk through the fire 
Unstrapping the weights off my back 
Avid for the awakening of this nightmare
Breaking the fiery shackles of turmoil,
intelligibility then began to arise deep from within.
Realizing that from the outset I was the one standing in my way. 
Clarity in its pure form, 
and it was then that I conceded what needed to occur. 
The time has come to walk the path that "I" desire to. 
Although I love plenty. 
I must begin to live for me! 
The days of procrastination & prolonging my self-worth is no more. 
Striving for nothing less than perfection is my destiny. 
Living life day by day in the moment, yet still giving my all towards staying focused!
Utilizing the inspiration of being dedicated to staying sane.
No longer being conflicted because I'm rare and very different. 
Embracing my newfound power(s) makes me feel like an unfolding beautiful red flower..as it gets its first taste of the ever so strong sun!
 Always be consistent and refrain from things and situations who’s value means nothing.
I Can't allow anything to get in the way of me becoming something.


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The whirlwind of emotions has me feeling like a suction as it kisses the glass.

powerful first line, my admiration towards this masterful piece 🍂

Djangos Daughter

Brilliant write that resonated deeply with Me. Thanks for sharing. DD X 

Nigel Cresswell

Emotional whirlwinds. At least one of your special powers is poetry.