Poem -

Timeless Pursuit

Timeless Pursuit

Synchronised like swiss watches,
Expertly woven,
Cosmic tumblers rotate and click,
Inexplicably open.
The core of the majestic,
Revealing truths in reign,
Majorities unaware of the sunshine through rain.

The possibilities, a blank canvass,
Dreams deemed out of reach,
Lyrical notes and beautiful stanzas,
Come a little closer,
Open to teach.

The robust of the earth’s crust,
Grounded as we may feel,
To condemn our ambitions,
Is to lose ourselves I feel.

The beauty of the universe,
Astounding in grandeur,
I pursuit my father’s mantle,
To mirror his stander.

Reach out for your dreams,
Write your own path,
The possibilities are endless,
Live, love and laugh.


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Ian William

Eloquently unleashed, Simon! As you pursue, know your words are timeless!

Simon Bromley

Thank you Ian, I'm in awe at the grandeur of our amazing universe.

Imtisal Fatima

I'm going to be honest...every bit of that poem held my full attention!