Poem -

To Build A Person

To Build A Person

If I were as strong as they make me out to be, I would bend under the weight of their words.
If I were the scum of which they call me,
 I would not be capable of writing this now.
If their words did not strengthen me,
they would be my demise.
However, doubts are really what made me.
For when Atlas was made to hold up the Earth he was not weakened, but strengthened.
And maybe to take insults as cement and our lessons as bricks,
is to build a foundation of courage.
Perhaps then we would build each other, rather than destroy and
to build walls between our hearts rather than between our countries, may be our only salvation.

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Hello Caitlin...

​​​​​People can direct us by the things they say...

Some people let the negativity in and give it the control while others use it as a way to go...

Great positive write!

Thank you for sharing...




Caitlin Hurst

Aw thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it. ❤️❤️