Poem -

To Moma

Moma I thank you for carrying me through nine months of pain
I know sometimes in your thoughts
You said I 
already have two little ones my life will never be the same

But you hung in there through all the rough and hard times
Sometimes feeling like you were going to loose your mind

You walked through rainy and stormy weather
But you did what you had to do keep us together

Years later came precious child number three
​​​​​​​Which cause mama to work even harder,to keep food on the table ,clothes on our back,and shoes on our feet

Mom you missed out on a lot of things, because you was striving to be a good mom
​​​​​​​In my heart I know through all our problems, heartache we caused you still got the job done

​​​​​​​So mama hold your head up and believe
You have been a wonderful mother to me

So don't give in or give out
​​​​​​​Just keep God on your side ,he will be there have no doubt

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